What is medical acupuncture?

In short, it’s a needle treatment that thru penetration of the skin provides a powerful stimulus.
This stimulation affects the central nervous system that triggers neuro-physiological and chemical changes in the body.

What is this and when can it be used?

When we feel pain, it is often the so called trigger points – TP or pain points that cause this pain. These may be latent or inactive. Under physical or emotional stress these trigger points can be activated and become active TP that produces more or less severe pain. The pain may be local but often gives it a pain reflex in other parts of the body. Medical Acupuncture deactivates these pain points and the body’s own anti-inflammatory substances are activated to fight the cause of the pain.

Some examples where medical acupuncture is very effective:
– Osteoarthritis
– Pain in the elbow, shoulder, neck, hip / knee joints.
– Sciatica
– Headaches, Whiplash
– “Restless Leg”. Leg cramps
and much more……..

Does it hurt?

The treatment with single use needles will just give a little sting. The needle is normally taken out after 4-10 seconds. This is usually enough to deactivate the trigger point (TP).
Usually 4 to 10 points are treated at each session.

How many treatments are needed? 
Between 2 to 10 treatments may be needed depending on the art of the problem.